10 Myths About Tax Planning and Why You Need to Start Even If You Don’t Have Money

You’ve been in business for a while now, but taxes are a once-a-year problem that you deal with the week they are due. Who’s going to audit a small business, right?

Then one day, you’re talking to a fellow business owner who’s explaining the ways they were able to save money on their taxes. Now you’re wondering if you could have planned better…

Gary LoDuca, Founder of Patriot Taxes comes on to our webinar to arm us with the things you should be taking into consideration when tax planning. Plus: dispelling the common myths surrounding tax planning.

We’re also talking about how YOU can ask the right questions before you hire someone as your tax planner. What do some of these packages look like and are they right for your business?

Think about how many small business owners are believing myths about tax planning and losing money in their businesses!

Brook & Gary walk you through how to find and work with a CPA that aligns with your small business values.


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Gary LoDuca is the founder and owner of Patriot Taxes.

Patriot Taxes was started with the vision to serve taxpayers’ needs with a comprehensive and complete approach to their current tax preparation and planning their own tax outcomes long term.

Tax preparation shouldn’t be ONLY adding numbers and filling boxes on the government form … it’s about knowing how to use IRS rules and regulations to make sure you get all the benefits of those rules because YOUR CPA knows and understands the laws.

The approach of Working with a tax planner AND CPA firm incorporates tax reduction strategies in order to reduce your taxes legally.


Patriot Taxes has a comprehensive and complete approach. Their tax clients benefit from implementing and coordinating tax reduction strategies which include:

o Tax Preparation & Filing

o Charitable Tax Planning Strategies

o Roth IRA Conversion Strategies

o Tax Planning Services

o Small Business Strategy Development

o Social Security Taxation Reduction

o 401(k) Strategies

o Estate Planning

Contact Patriot Taxes for tax preparation and tax planning services.

If you just want tax preparation and nothing more, that’s ok… give us a call. We are careful, accurate, and provide a good price for great work!

If you want tax preparation along with a comprehensive long-term planning approach, that’s where we shine the brightest!

Patriot Taxes – We’re Tax Reduction Patriots – We’re In It Together!

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