3 Steps to Reach 100k Per Month as a B2B Consultant

You’re already a 6- or 7-figure entrepreneur, but you’re struggling with maintaining a consistent string of clients willing to pay 5 figures (or more!) to work with you.

What gives?

How do you get clients to take you up on your high ticket offers?

What is the process for building a high ticket offer that clients will WANT to buy?

Dominique Fraser, author, business mentor, and digital success strategist, is passionate about helping successful entrepreneurs scale their offerings.

She’s here to talk about what it takes to build a high ticket offer that will propel your profit margins to new highs.

We’ll also be discussing the common misconceptions around high ticket offers and what to do about them.


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Helping 6- to 7-figure entrepreneurs create First-Class $25,000+ Offers while also mastering the business skills, and structure, needed to scale.

As one of the pioneers in the digital economy (beginning in 2010), Dominique Fraser is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and investor. According to the Hardbacon app, she is one of the Top 10 influencers discussing money in Canada.

With more than 80,000 followers, Dominique showcases her strategies on social media – increasing her influence by encouraging successful entrepreneurs to grow their businesses faster by adding an ultra-premium package.

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