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ADA Compliant Websites: How To Protect Yourself From Ada Lawsuits As A Small Business Owner

ADA Compliant Websites: How To Protect Yourself From Ada Lawsuits As A Small Business Owner

Picture this… You hired someone to design and build you a beautiful and functional website to showcase your business online. It is perfect… You are driving traffic and are getting conversions from it…

Then you get a notice in the mail from an attorney that says your website is not ADA compliant and you are being sued for discrimination.

Are you prepared for the upcoming legal battle to handle a lawsuit?

Would your business suffer from increased insurance rates because of a lawsuit like this?

What if you could prevent this “ambulance-chasing” type situation AND be ADA compliant?

Elliot Garcia joins us from AccessiBe to discuss how to make this happen.


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About AccessiBe

AccessiBe is here to make  the internet  accessible  – ACHIEVING A WIN-WIN

Our vision is to make the internet accessible so that everyone, with and without disabilities, can enjoy what it has to offer. An accessible internet is a win-win. Businesses will dramatically increase their potential customer size, and users with disabilities will finally be able to enjoy its benefits.

Accessibility can be challenging to implement, especially for small businesses that often don’t have large engineering teams. Often small businesses outright don’t have access to their code. Enterprises do have engineering resources but lack education and know-how when it comes to implementing accessibility.

This situation has been going on for decades, resulting in over 200 million active websites that are just not accessible for people with disabilities. This “web accessibility gap” grows wider every day with no signs of stopping. This situation is especially troubling considering how essential the internet has become to our daily lives.

Our mission is simple – to develop technological solutions that will help businesses, regardless of their size, resources, developers, and budget, to do the absolute best they can to take on web accessibility. Enabling businesses to participate in the global efforts to achieve online inclusion is one of our main goals.

The rise of AI in recent years has enabled us to develop technological solutions that are driving a real accessibility revolution and achieving a WIN for everyone.


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Jan 23 2024


11:00 am - 11:30 am

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  • Date: Jan 23 2024
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