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Bacon & Business Small Group Networking

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Bacon & Business Small Group Networking

This monthly event is held for those that want to network but may be a bit shy or need a script to keep themselves on topic. This script or outline is below and gives participants a structure to not only manage time but provide tremendous value to all the participants.

Join us for Bacon & Business and meet other business owners that may be a good match for you and you for them!

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Facilitated Networking Session Outline

Round Robin 1 of the 60-Minute Networking Session

Starting with the Mastermind Leader, each person takes 60 seconds to introduce themselves using this intro checklist. (Example is provided)

O1. Your Name and where you’re from – Brook Borup from Tampa, FL

02. Company Name – My Clone Solution

03. Slogan – Build your business through systems, processes, and teams Done For You!

04. 3 Keywords – Integrity, Accountability, Efficient

05. Specific results you help people achieve – Get your ideas, to-do list, and business management out of your head so it can be evaluated, made efficient, and delegated.

06. Couple accomplishments – Coined “The Swiss Army Knife for Business” by Tampa Magazine Editor, Top LinkedIn Marketer 2019 by Top Talent Magazine

07. Something personal – After 7 years of no days off, no vacations, and very little “me time.” I now take the majority of weekends off and take a mini vacation 6 times a year. A major improvement!

Round Robin 2 of the 60-Minute Networking Session

The remainder of the time left is divided up evenly between the people in the mastermind. Starting with the Mastermind Leader, each person takes their time to Ask for some things and Offer some things. (Example is provided)

01. Ask for some things – “I’m looking for more media to be interviewed on, business owners that want to join our events for SBGC, and business owners that are overwhelmed and looking for help.

02. Offer some things –  I’d like to gift anyone here a free 22-minute call with me to talk about anything you want about your business. I will also gift any of your business owner friends the same opportunity. I promise you only to listen until you ask me a question.

*Each person’s time must include their asks, offer, and interaction with the mastermind members before moving on to the next person. The person may also use their time to teach, do a show and tell of something or even share their “next big thing”.

Networking Rules of Engagement

01. Only start 60-min Mastermind sessions you can finish so that everyone gets an equal amount of time to hear as well as be heard.

02. The Mastermind Leader will keep track of time or delegate someone to keep track of time. The whole group should help remind everyone of the time so that the session is self-governing, fair, and efficient.

03. Video needs to be on so that everyone can see you in the Mastermind session in order to increase connection and effective communication.

04. Stay present at all times limiting all outside distractions including phone calls, side conversations, and working on other tasks outside of the Mastermind session.

05. If you must turn off your video, mute yourself or step away for a couple of minutes please let your group know in the chat box.

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Jul 19 2024


10:30 am - 11:30 am

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/Chicago
  • Date: Jul 19 2024
  • Time: 9:30 am - 10:30 am




SBGC Meeting Room


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