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What If You Could Change The World
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Become a confident speaker and conversationalist with Confident Conversations.

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Are you tired of letting fear hold you back from becoming a confident speaker?

Having Trouble Sharing Your Ideas With Confidence?

An Introvert or Extremely Shy?

Up to 75% of People Fit This Description!You Are Not Alone.

Fear of public speaking can cause feelings that range from mild nervousness to a full panic attack. With our training and practice, you can overcome that to become a confident speaker.

Become the Person You Were Meant to Be!

Would You Like To Conquer Your Fear Of Speaking To Others, Fumbling Over Words Or Ideas, And Awkward Moments In Group Settings?


🌟 Conquer Your Fear: Overcome your fear of speaking and boost your confidence.

🎙️ Masterful Communication: Learn to express your ideas with clarity and conviction.

💼 Elevate Your Career: Say goodbye to missed opportunities and promotions.

🤫 Silence the Shyness: Even introverts can become confident conversationalists.

🔄 Consistently grow your business and networking circle.

CONFIDENT CONVERSATIONS is a self paced course taught by speaking coach Steve Sapato.


10 Comprehensive Modules: Learn at your own pace with engaging content.

Personalized Coaching: Receive feedback and role-play sessions with expert coach Steve Sapato.

Exclusive Speaker Resources: Gain access at discounted rates.

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Client Success Stories

Steve is a master communicator and an all-around great guy! His vast experience in teaching others how to succeed in speaking can be overshadowed by his down-home, friendly demeanor. But don’t be fooled… Steve can help you grow your business and your income by helping you learn to be a better speaker. But WAIT… you say you’re not a speaker??? Oh, but you are!!! You speak every day to prospects, on podcasts, via webinars, and on virtual stages. Speaking is what you do when you’re in business. And Steve can help you do it better and more profitably. 

Michael DeLon

Paperback Expert

I had the opportunity to work with Steve in preparation of an upcoming speaking engagement. Not only did Steve provide me a ton of value he took the time to coach me on just what to say and how to say it. We went into detail regarding stage movement and stage command. I would highly recommend Steve if you want to learn how to be a very fluid/natural speaker.

David Alto

Alto Advance

It was a pleasure to connect with Steve. We had a great conversations, study session 🙂 lol, learning more about each other. Speaking and training is the commonality between us. Steve shared several different inspiring ideas and suggestions, and just reminded me of how fun life can be just connecting with another being, sharing thoughts, and hearing about the greatness that can be brought to the world. Thank you for the inspiration and wisdom you shared with me. I appreciate you and what you bring to humanity!!!! 

Mary Chambers

MonUmental Moments

Unlock your confidence now for only $299!

As an SBGC member, save an extra 10-20%. Don’t let hesitation hold you back any longer.

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