Earn Passive Income as an SBGC Affiliate

Earn Passive Income as an SBGC Affiliate

How The Program Works

The SBGC Affiliate Program is designed so all members and non-members can share our community with their network and earn a recurring income. 

MEMBERS: As a member, you earn an affiliate commission of either 10 or 20% on all memberships, products, courses, events or anything else sold on the SBGC website from anyone you refer as long as you and they are a member in good standing. 

NON-MEMBERS: If you are not interested in membership you can sign up to earn a 20% affiliate commission on all memberships, products, courses, events or anything else sold on the SBGC website from anyone you refer for 12 months from the day they sign up for their first product or membership. 

Take a look below for examples and a breakdown of the affiliate opportunity. 

How We Help You Be Successful

Marketing Assets Done For You

We provide you with all the marketing assets for events, the program, courses, resources, and more. Just visit the affiliate assets page and choose the tab for the product you want and the suggested emails, social media posts, and graphics for that product.

Copy Written For You

Pre-written copy templates for emails, sales funnels, social media, direct messages, and more are at your fingertips on the affiliate assets page. Just sign up and log in!

Create Your Own Assets

If you are the creative sort and you want to create your own content we give you all the best bullet points and information to be an influencer with our products and services.

Free Affiliate Training

Free training on best practices for earning income as an affiliate with us or any other affiliate program you choose to promote.

At SBGC we believe that word-of-mouth referrals are way more valuable than self-promotion. This is why we offer such a generous package to all of our member and non-member affiliates.

It is our job to keep members engaged, happy, and growing inside SBGC membership.

Our products, courses, and events are also included in the affiliate plan so even if your network isn’t made up of business owners we have products for anyone doing business or marketing just about anything.

The Process


All memberships include the affiliate program at percentages ranging from 10% to 20%. For the best commissions, it pays to be a member affiliate. 

Non-members sign up using the buttons on this page to get access to your affiliate portal.


The more engaged in membership you are the better you can communicate benefits and success stories to your network. This enthusiasm to invite and share with others will encourage them to become part of the community too. 


We give you everything you need to be a successful affiliate except the time of course. You can work it into your own business strategy. We show you how!


Earn Unlimited Income By Sharing The Community With Other Business Owners


We send affiliate payments each month on the 3rd Friday for the previous month’s sales. Direct Deposit to your account anywhere in the world via PayPal. 

Frequently Asked questions

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