Growth Through Leadership In Just 9 Minutes A Week

Everybody knows that employee growth and development is critical to their organization’s success. As AI continues to develop steam, leadership skills, soft skills, and mental health skills will become even more important so that we can get the most out of our most important (and most expensive) asset, our people.

But where do you start to develop those skills?

How do you apply those skills in your business?

What if your team doesn’t want to learn these skills?

Steve Cunningham of joins us to discuss how he’s made leadership and personal development easy for leaders, their teams, and their networks.

We’ll also be discussing the common misconceptions about personal development.


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About Your Guest Speaker

About Steve

Steve Cunningham is a learning expert, and is on a mission to simplify leadership development.

Previously a lawyer for exactly one week, and has spent the last 15 years helping organizations get their leaders to make time for learning and applying what they learn, so they can generate improved employee effectiveness, better team performance, enhanced innovation and creativity, improved retention and engagement, and an enhanced reputation as an employer of choice.

He is the creator of the Rapid People Development System, and also works with coaches, consultants, and trainers to help them bring these same results to their clients.

Steve is originally from Toronto, Canada, but now lives in San Antonio TX with his business and life partner Marisa, his beautiful daughters Sophie and Emma, and two rambunctious but incredible loving Whoodles (look it up) Mollie and Finn.

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