How To Build & Lead Teams Where Everyone Wins

What makes a great leader?

Do you consider yourself to be an effective leader in your business?

Would you say your employees are loyal and that they trust you?

Or do you feel like you’re going through the motions in your day-to-day operations and just barely scraping by?

What if you could escape the gravitational pull of mediocrity and build a resilient team that not only reaches but exceeds goals?

Tony Chapman is here to multiply your influence with your team to not only drive results but to bring people together.

We’ll also be discussing common myths surrounding how to lead teams effectively.


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About Your Guest Speaker

About Tony Chatman

Our guest today is a speaker, author, and organizational trainer who has collaborated with top corporations and government agencies like the U.S. Secret Service, Chase Bank, and N.A.S.A. His passion is contagious, delivering practical knowledge for immediate business and personal success.

Tony helps leaders, team members, and individuals from diverse backgrounds adopt empowering mindsets and strategies for transformational results. Tony connects deeply with every audience member, leaving a lasting impact. He holds a significant academic background and left a corporate career and graduate studies to make a difference in non-profit work. Tony’s presentations combine science and practical insight, focusing on topics like unconscious bias and leadership to turn differences into business advantages.

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