PROMOTE YOUR “AS SEEN ON” INTERVIEWS: Copywriting templates for promotion of your guest appearances

PROMOTE YOUR “AS SEEN ON” INTERVIEWS: Copywriting templates for promotion of your guest appearances




These editable email, social, and direct message templates are written for you, so you don’t have to spend hours in front of your screenwriting professional copy from scratch.

These templates are to use when you are going to be a guest on someone elses media. You want to hold up your end of the deal no matter if it is a live appearance or recorded.


This product is for anyone that is guesting or speaking at events that do not give you content to share with your audience and you want to promote your appearance. 

This product is also great for show or event hosts to edit and give to your speakers or guests rather than having them write their own content. The more you do for people the more likely they will promote and share. 


Goal 1: Let people know where they can see you and leverage your “AS SEEN ON” links. These can be written and scheduled to be pre-media promo, just released promo, and a throwback to leverage old content. We suggest leveraging all three with slightly different messages.

Goal 2: Get people involved in the event if it is open to the public. This promo is sometimes required when you are participating and sometimes it is just an ask. Everyone is trying to grow their audience when you are guesting it is assumed that you will share it and increase their media audience as well. This is the best form of referral so be a good guest and promote your appearance!

Goal 3: Affiliate payments. If you are guesting for a paid event the organizer may have an affiliate program that you can leverage to get paid a percentage of any sales that come from your custom link. This is commission sales and leveraging your audience.


Take stock in the goals that you have for each appearance and the goals of the media host. Make sure you hold up your end of the ask. Nothing is free so be sure you know what is expected of you and do it. If you want more opportunities, you will have the integrity to do what you promise!

All these files will help with that. Take and edit them as you see fit. 

You never have to start from scratch.


  • 5 templates for promoting a live event speaker opportunity
  • 5 templates for promoting a virtual event speaker opportunity
  • 8 templates for promoting free or discounted event where you are speaking
  • 4 pre launch templates for promoting a podcast/media interview
  • 6 post launch templates for promoting a podcast/media


Once you decide to purchase this email template you will get a link to download a Google document along with instructions and best practices when using these templates for the highest conversion rates.


  • This is a digital product and no physical item will be shipped. Due to the nature of the product, refunds are not possible (it is an instant download purchase).
  • The digital product can be downloaded to your Google Drive, Word, PDF, Plain Text, Open Office, or any other desktop publishing document.
  • The purchase comes with only 1 license which means it cannot be redistributed or resold. If you would like additional licenses, please reach out to My Clone Solution for custom pricing.
  • Please note that any examples are not for us and are only for display purposes

If you have any questions regarding the templates then feel free to message su*****@my*************.com.