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Acuity Scheduling offers online appointment scheduling software. Businesses set up a custom scheduling site that gets its own URL or can be embedded directly into an existing website.

Acuity Scheduling supports globally diverse businesses — if the business is in one time zone, and clients in another, all time zones will be converted automatically. Online scheduling is available 24/7. Along with appointment scheduling, Acuity Scheduling provides a simple online store to offer products and gift certificates integrated with online appointment booking.

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Why We Use

We use Acuity to set up automatically scheduled meetings for our clients and ourselves, we use Acuity scheduling to allow our clients to book time with us when they need a little extra help or if they have a new project they would like to work on. We like Acuity especially for our fitness clients as it allows them to set up classes for many people to attend virtually. Acuity integrates easily with google calendars which allows the system to know when we are already booked up and when we are available for clients to meet with us.

Who This Is For

This system is for business owners or teachers who need a way for clients to automatically book time with them. This system is especially effective for setting up classes that allow multiple people to register to attend.

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If you want to get this resource implemented in your business the team at My Clone Solution is on standby to help you develop your plan, set it up, and teach you how to use it effectively.

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