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LinkedIn lead generation tool businesses use to find clients
The vast majority of profiles presented on LinkedIn belong to people in business, coming from various business environments. This creates an opportunity to find targeted B2B clients for almost any business. All you need is funnel automation. Our Linked Helper software automates the way to find clients and turn them into loyal customers.

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Why We Use

LinkedHelper is a Linkedin time saver. All you have to do is set up your automation funnels with all the right pieces and then turn it on each day.

It allows you to automatically do the following actions on LinkedIn…

  • invite new connections
  • direct messages and sequences
  • like and comment on posts
  • endorse contacts
  • send birthday messages
  • creates a list of people that interacted with one or multiple messages.

Once this software is set up it will save you hours and give you the time you need to follow up rather than just prospecting by hand.

Who This Is For

Linked is made for people who are tired of looking for new leads on Linkedin and wasting hours every day, LinkedHelper is the tool that you need.

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If you want to get this resource implemented in your business the team at My Clone Solution is on standby to help you develop your plan, set it up, and teach you how to use it effectively.

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