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PhoneBurner is a power dialer that helps sales teams get through calls faster and have up to 4x more live conversations. By automating workflows and call logging, reps get better results, in less time. Better than a simple click-to-call solution, our cloud-based dialer instantly leaves voicemails, sends 1-click emails, and disposition calls, and automates post-call processes.

Unlike other dialing platforms, connections are instant. You’ll hear contacts say “hello” and can begin speaking immediately—no awkward pause. No delay. So conversation starts with promise, not hangups.

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Why We Use

We used Phone Burner to make calls to our client’s contact lists, we use this system especially for associations when memberships are due for renewal or when there is a large event coming up that all members should be made aware of.

Who This Is For

This system is for business owners or associations that need to contact large numbers of their customer base directly.

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