The 7 Deadly Traits of Imposter Syndrome and How To Overcome It For Huge Business Growth

You’ve been working in your business for some time now. Maybe you’re just starting out, or maybe it’s been several years. But something lurks at the back of your mind telling you that you aren’t good enough or aren’t measuring up to your expectations.

What’s the point of continuing if your work isn’t really that good?

How are you supposed to compete with people who are doing better than you?

Most importantly, what is imposter syndrome and why is it holding me back?

Marie Mason, a Business Strategy Coach and international speaker, comes on to our webinar to help you navigate the ups and downs of imposter syndrome.

We’re also talking about how you can overcome this feeling of imposter syndrome and unlock your true potential!


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Marie Mason’s career journey begins as a preschool teacher, an administrative assistant, and owning a home daycare to an agency owner to podcast host, an author, international speaker, and a business strategy coach. As a podcast consultant in the recent past, she empowered independent coaches with planning their podcasts. Currently, she’s a business strategy coach who works with freelance business owners to overcome the impostor syndrome so that we can create a strategy for growth.

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