Women Control The Purse Strings: 5 Ways To Cater Your Business Sales Process To Women Decision Makers 

Are you targeting the most powerful market on the planet?

Did you know that women influence 95% of the financial decisions of the household?

Women are also opening 1,800 new businesses every day in the US.

What are you missing out on by painting women clients and customers with the same broad brush?

Barbara Provost of Purse Strings how to grow your business by tapping into this giant market. Learn what women are looking for to make a purchase and how to tend to their needs.

We’ll also be discussing common myths relating to this powerful market.


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About Barbara Provost

Dr. Barbara Provost is the Founder of Purse Strings – an organization that offers straightforward financial advice and an available-for-hire network of vetted professionals who specialize in serving women. Barb is a consultant, pioneer, feminist, and game changer. She holds a Doctorate in Adult Education and dual Masters. She believes all women deserve financial freedom.

Maggie Nielsen is a big believer that money is freedom. Maggie’s’ mission is to empower women to take control of their financial future and make informed choices about how they manage their money. With an MBA degree and several years of experience engaging with financial professionals, Maggie is dedicated to helping women create their own financial journeys.

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